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Dying Light Case Codes; And how to get the best weapons

Dying Light is one of the best zombie video games available right now. The graphics are superb, and the same can be said for its gameplay. People at Techland have done a wonderful job with this title, and we hope they will continue to do so with the sequel.

SummaryWhat is a Dying Light Folder?How to get the best Dying Light weapons1]Participate in community events2]Check out the Steam community page3]Follow the Technlands social media pages4]How to trade Dying Light foldersDying folders Light can they expire? Is there a Dying Light 2?

Now, if you're a long-time Dying Light player, chances are you've heard of Dockets. It must be said that a file is not an important aspect of the game but having one can be useful. So, if you're a regular in the game, then you'll probably want to equip yourself with some slips very soon.

What is a Dying Light folder?

Folders were originally created to allow players to get their hands on top tier weapons. To do this, players must locate secret codes or participate in community events. Also, if you follow Techland's social media channels, you might be lucky enough to get Dockets whenever the developer throws them for fun.

How to get the best Dying Light weapons

If you're still confused about what to do to get folders, keep reading to learn everything you need to know. We'll start first with how to get folders in the easiest way possible.

  1. Participate in community events
  2. Check out the Steam community page
  3. Follow the Technlands social media pages
  4. How to swap Dying Light folders

1]Participate in community events

For years, Techland has been keeping the Dying Light community alive with many activities. When you participate in community events, you can earn in-game items that can be exchanged for Dockets. We've come to understand that these events are a regular in the game, so hardcore players should have little trouble here.

2]Visit the Steam community page

Techland doesn't drop Dockets on the Steam community page, but fans do. Whenever new codes are released, fans usually post them on the community page, so if you follow what's happening via Steam, you should find yourself in a great position to grab some coupons.

3]Follow Technlands-social-media-pages

The next step to take here, and probably the best, is to follow Dying Light on all major social media platforms. The company is constantly releasing new Dockets, so please check the following pages:

  • the Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram Page
  • Techland news page
  • Techland Facebook page
  • Techland's Twitter page
  • Techland YouTube page
  • Techland Instagram page

4]How to swap Dying Light folders

OK, so you got one or more Dockets, so what if you want to trade those Dockets in order to collect the best weapons? Here's what you need to do.

Visit the official Folder website, and from there, log in or create an account there. Once you have entered your account, you then need to link it with Xbox Live or Smoking . After that, copy the coupon code in the available text box and press the Redeem button.

Finally, visit your nearest Quartermaster from the game to redeem the in-game rewards. You should now get your hands on some wonderful weapons.

Can Dying Light folders expire?

Free codes usually expire within 14 days, so as soon as Techland releases some, you need to act very quickly to unlock new weapons before the coupon no longer works.

Is there a Dying Light 2?

Yes, there is a Dying Light 2 currently in development. Techland is aiming to release the title on all major platforms in February 2022, which isn't far off.