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Best Free Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

I always prefer to send a PDF file rather than a Word document or a presentation. They are self-contained and you don't have to worry about MS Word highlighting your typos on a document. With Office 2013, Microsoft introduced native support for PDF documents. Previously, we had to use apps like Paperless Printer and PDF Writers to convert a Word document or PowerPoint presentation to PDF. But with Office 2013 you can use the Save As option and directly create a PDF file.


I'm sure most of us would have saved some of the presentation files in PDF format by now. But have you ever tried to reopen those PDF files in PowerPoint? If you haven't seen the example. MS PowerPoint gave me the PDF file, but failed to load it when I needed to change a few things.

What if you received one of these PDFs in the mail and need to edit them? Of course, you will look for an online converter. But most of these services will give you a watermark on each slide or ask for money to email you the converted files. Even worse, some of them only convert the first pages and ask you to pay for the rest. That's too much for a one-time job.

So, to make things easier, today I will list 4 online PDF to PPT converters that you can bookmark. You never know when they might come in handy.


Online2pdf is an amazing tool to convert a given PDF file to any office format. Besides conversion, you can rotate the pages if needed. The tool also works for protected PDF documents and provides a provision to enter the password for conversion. The limit is 50 pages per file, so if you only need specific pages, set them before Conversion. You can use the red button with the scissors to the right of the file.

Here is the document that was converted using the tool. There is no OCR support and images are kept as images. Two PDFs can be merged to create a single PPT file. They will be merged in the order you upload them to the tool.


If you want a no-frills tool where you can launch a PDF file and get an output PPT file, SmallPDF is the best converter for that. Open the SmallPDF home page and drop the PDF file from your explorer. The file will be automatically detected and converted. No questions asked. There is no waiting time, no email sign-up required. You can download the file and continue your work. There is also an option to donate to the developer via PayPal or Bitcoin.

There is an additional option to connect your Google Drive or Dropbox and upload the file there directly. The tool fails on protected PDF files as there is no option to decrypt them. You can use the old service for such occasions. Here is the file that was converted using the tool.


Frankly, the tools mentioned above would be sufficient for any situation. Nevertheless, if you want to note an alternative, ThePDF can also be bookmarked. It is a simple service where you can download PDF files and download them in PPT format, or any other MS Office format.

No advanced options are present here and the file conversion may take a bit longer compared to the aforementioned tools. Therefore, it can only be an ideal alternative when the above tools are not working or offline for some reason. Here is the file that was converted using ThePDF.

The reverse: Want to convert MS Office files to PDF? We also wrote about this, ICYMI.


So there were three PDF to PowerPoint converters that never ask for your email or money. Also, no watermarks which can be really annoying. But these three are not the only ones. If you know of such a tool, why not share it with our readers in our new forum section. You will be heard and we can all participate.