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How Much Should Managed IT Services Really Cost?

When you're running a business, you'll struggle to deal with internal IT management. For example, what if your network goes down at night or your trusted IT employee is on vacation? Would you risk putting your business at risk while waiting for their return or the arrival of an expert?

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Many companies have moved to managed IT services to avoid such inconveniences. But how much do managed IT services cost?

There is no magic number or formula for the exact cost of a managed IT service provider. Sometimes it depends on the specifications of the company and a host of several other factors. Let's dig deep to try to find the answers.

Approaches to cost-of-managed-IT-services

Before you think about hiring a managed IT service, know exactly what your business needs. This will help you estimate the cost. Also, remember that no two companies are the same and neither are their IT needs.

There are two basic approaches that can help you determine the cost of managed computing.

Partially-managed IT services

Every company or organization has an employee whose main task is to manage IT. However, you might have specific IT needs that require hiring a dedicated IT team to handle the task. If you don't have a dedicated in-house IT team, you may feel comfortable hiring an outside IT expert to handle certain IT tasks.

So, if you have existing IT staff, you will need partially managed IT services to help you with specific tasks. Partial management can come in and do exceptional work that your internal team can't do. This can be assistance with your routine tasks such as security and backup administration.

Fully-managed IT-services

If you run a small or medium-sized business, it can be economical and efficient to outsource your IT management. Instead of wasting your money determining the type and number of IT employees you need, the managed IT service provider can help you manage your IT workload.

A reliable managed IT service provider will be willing to work with you and the entire organization. They will provide the best IT services that will surpass YOUR in-house IT team.

How managed-IT-services-pricing works

Managed computing prices vary by vendor, customer, and region you are in. Here are the basic concepts to help you understand how pricing works before choosing your IT support:

Pricing per user

Many managed services plan their services based on the number of users they will monitor and support. This can give you the exact cost by calculating the number of people using the technology in your organization. In modern technology, almost every employee in an office is a user.

When doing your calculations, include anyone in your office using a PC, Mac, tablet, laptop, mobile device, etc. This should give you a clear idea of ​​how much to pay for your services.

Consider the price-per-device

Although per-user pricing is the most common way to determine the cost of service, some providers will charge you per device. The cost is based on the number of devices your business uses rather than users.

These will include any devices you wish to cover. They can consist of all PCs, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and Macs.

Audit of the company to determine the cost

Your audit will determine the managed IT cost. An audit will help your IT service provider establish your technology roadmap. This will help them know if you have compatible technology that may be suitable for their services.

The service provider will send you an engineer to review your technology infrastructure and determine what your hardware and software will need. For hardware, they will determine the firewall and backup devices. For software, they will consider antivirus, anti-spam, and anti-malware.

The prices of these components will vary depending on the size and needs of each company. Software and hardware are additional charges unless you include them in your service contract to manage your expenses more easily.

You will pay for firewall protection

The cost of firewall filters between the network and the computers has its price. A firewall helps prevent any attack on your computer system by malicious software and any attack from the outside world. It blocks specific data that is handled by your internal team or managed IT specialist.

The price of firewall protection increases with the requirements of your company's IT system. Also, in many cases, you can manage your compatible firewall. But it's still important to include the cost of a firewall when budgeting for your managed IT costs.


If you are indeed a managed services customer, you will need a backup device to protect your data. Unfortunately, IT outsourcing does not come with free backup devices. It comes with its price.

In some situations, you will need to purchase your own backup device. But you need to talk to your managed service provider in an in-built process to check if your device is compatible with the software they're using.

The cost of DNS filtering, antivirus and anti-spam

Even though they sound the same, they are not when it comes to paying your monthly service fee. Service providers securely protect your system from malicious attacks for an additional monthly cost. All of these items will not appear on your managed services bill on one line.

These are four distinct elements that protect your technology from external attacks. Anti-spam helps detect malware in emails. It eliminates suspicious emails and blocks any online invasion from your online inboxes. Antivirus and anti-malware stop the spread of the virus to other components of your technology.

But if the virus becomes stubborn and crosses all three layers, then a DNS Filter will prevent the virus from entering your network. Fees for this software will be monthly, per user. And it will depend on the size of the company, according to which the bigger the company, the cheaper the software.


As you already know, managing the IT sector of your business is never easy. Getting external help from managed IT service providers seems easier, but calculating their pricing can be tricky. Take your time to determine the size of your business as well as your specific needs when doing your calculations.

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