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The advantage of using the LED screen at the event LED screen compared to a projector

LED becomes the new star of an outdoor video show. Their stunning image presentations and user-friendliness make them an attractive choice for certain varied environments:store signs, billboards and other promotions, objective signs, stage shows, indoor presentations, and more. Since they turn out to be more and more extensive, the rental or possession costs are constantly decreasing.

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The brightness of LED screens is the fundamental motivation behind why they are replacing projectors as the first decision of visual experts. Light from projectors is rated in lux, which measures reflected light. A video wall is estimated in NIT, an estimate of direct light. One NIT unit is comparable to 3.426 lux – basically this means one NIT unit is much nicer than one lux unit.

Projectors have a few drawbacks that influence their ability to display clear and fresh images. Projectors must communicate the image to a projection screen; the image must then, at that moment, make a journey in the eyes of the observer. Along these lines there is a greater region through which to lose luminosity and permeability. The LED splitters produce their brightness, so the image is significantly more distinctive when it arrives at the viewer.

LED Wall-Advantages

Projectors typically lose brightness over the long term, with a recognizable decrease in brightness even within the first year of use. In this time, they can lose 30% of their brightness. LED showcases do not suffer the adverse effects of a similar drop in dynamic quality. In addition, projectors have problems displaying deeply drenched shades like blacks, and their differentiation isn't all that great compared to LED shows.

Led screen rental is a sensible decision, especially when there is wraparound light at outdoor shows, ballparks, arenas, and styling and automobile exhibits. Ambient lighting will make the image of a show projector harder to see and will not impact the permeability of an LED image.

Depending on the setting, the LED splitters may not operate at their full brightness, which means they can last much longer than they should and require less power to operate.



HD video is becoming the go-to type and is rapidly replacing standard definition as the business standard. LED showcases support HD, although many projectors are still SD and will not display HD images at their full lens.

A region where projectors have an advantage in image size. At 90 creeps to the huge range finish. Projectors can display images of all sizes, from small to incredibly huge, up to 120 inches (or more, for more expensive units). Nevertheless, LED splitters can usually be stacked to create a composite image about as large as needed.


LED showcases are much simpler to set up than a spotlight show and light up much faster.

You must have a huge screen and free space between the screen and the projector. The projector must be mounted high and towards the rear of the room or exhibition area, and it must be associated with a video source.

Anything that disturbs the general flow can turn into an obstacle, for example, low lighting installations or low roofs. You can project onto a transparent divider. However, this will reduce the image quality. All things being equal, you'll also need to get a great screen to go with your projector.

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This highlights some real stifling influences on how the showcase can be orchestrated. With LED signs you can be more innovative and expressive with the way visuals are laid out. They can frame shapes like blocks, pyramids, or many different shifts. Their isolated nature means you have limitless alternatives when setting up a show, allowing you to be more innovative and adaptable.