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The best cable management solutions to tidy up your workspace

Despite an increasingly wireless society, we still live in a world largely limited by cables. These cables can often be the bane of our existence. Tangled cords, messy desks, ugly aesthetics — cables and cords are a pain, but they're not going anywhere. Luckily, there are innovative cable management solutions to tame those wild, unruly cables. In addition to restoring order to your electronic devices, these cable management options provide valuable protection against various household hazards. Pets that like to nibble on cords, robot vacuum cleaners that tangle cables in their innards while they tidy up, and curious babies that explore are no match for an organized desk.

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Cable sleeve

Cable wraps are a great option for bringing cables together in a single tube. There are several on the market in different lengths and colors. Cable sleeves are easy to use and provide flexibility when organizing your cables. The sleeve is made from a strong yet flexible neoprene material. Simply gather your cables and wrap the sleeve around them. The integrated zipper or velcro allows you to quickly and easily secure all your cables in a neat and collapsible mesh tube.

Raceway channels can be found in a variety of different styles and can be mounted virtually anywhere. That being said, setting up channeling channels will take a bit more effort compared to the other options on the list.


Chances are if you have a lot of electronics, you'll use multiple surge protectors. Unfortunately, these power strips can be a little sickening. Those chunky plastic boxes with various cords plugged in make them look more like a tentacled sea creature than something that belongs in your home or office. Also, if you need to access your surge protector regularly, it should be out in the open so everyone can see it. Luckily, cable box organizers can quickly hide all your ugly power strips.

Box organizers come in a variety of colors and materials to match any decor and are very easy to use. Simply drop your surge protector into the box, tuck your cables, and close the lid. These enclosures can fit a wide variety of surge protectors and provide extra space for bulky power adapters and excessive cord length.


Many people use plastic ties to organize their cables, and for good reason. They are sturdy and an inexpensive way to organize cables. Unfortunately, zip ties can cause headaches due to their rigidity. If you don't use reusable ties, you're bound to cut the ties every time you want to rearrange your cords. Reusable cable ties are an option, but if your cables are in a hard to reach area, it may be difficult to operate the release mechanism on the zip tie. Fortunately, there is a better solution.

Hook-and-loop cable ties work exactly the same as zip ties; however, they are much more manageable. Hook-and-loop system (also known as branded Velcro) keeps cables securely bundled together; however, they can easily be released with one hand. If you find yourself constantly moving and rearranging your cables, these cable ties are for you.

Cable clips

Now that all of your HDMI cables and power cords are neatly organized, you need to focus your attention on your workspace. Chances are you have charging cables for your various gadgets hanging everywhere. Luckily, there are a number of products that can help you organize your desk and get rid of all those pesky cords.

There are a wide variety of different cable ties that can handle virtually any workspace setup. Some cable ties use an adhesive backing to allow users to easily apply and remove them, while others provide a more permanent solution by being anchored to the wall via small nails. Whichever type you choose, these little clips can declutter your desk and get you focused in no time.

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